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MAY 2017

STL's Improved Regulated Drainage & Water Search
Take a look at our improved Regulated Drainage & Water Search. The questions mirror the CON29DW and the search offers excellent value for money when compared to water company searches. Take a look ...

MAY 2017

Launched Today: STL's improved Regulated Drainage & Water Search – now even better value for money!
Today we launch our improved Regulated Drainage & Water Search. And with no price increase, this product offers even better value for money! Take a look at the specific changes in this annotated s ...

MAR 2017

Commercial CON29DW Changes 1 April 2017
The following note was published by Wessex Searches. From April 2017, all non-household customers in England will be able to choose their supplier of water and sewerage retail services. This is a resu ...

MAR 2017

Reminder: VAT on Local Authority Fees
HMRC advised that all Local Authorities should apply VAT, at 20%, to Local Authority CON29 fees by 31 Mar 2017. In light of this price hike, now maybe the ideal time to consider STL’s Regulated Local ...

MAR 2017

New STL website Coming Soon
Our current website has served us well but we thought it was high time that we refreshed it, So if all goes to plan (we all know how precarious technology can be!), we will launch a completely new STL ...

MAR 2017

5 Ways to Save Time with a Regulated Local Authority Search
We know you are extremely busy, so why not save time with STL’s Regulated Local Authority Search? See the benefits in action in this annotated sample. Fixed priceThe price for the Regulated Local Auth ...

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