Regulated Local Authority Search

A ‘Regulated’ search is compiled by a search provider such as STL, which is registered with the Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) as a subscriber to the Search Code. Regulated searches are accepted by all major mortgage lenders

STL’s market leading Regulated Local Authority Search offers many benefits compared to a Council (Official) search. It also accepted by the vast majority of mortgage lenders.

The following are the main benefits of STL’s Regulated search compared to a ‘Council’ search:

  • Nationwide fixed price regardless of Local Authority
  • Standard format regardless of Local Authority
  • Convenient ‘Summary for Conveyancers’ immediately identifies entries revealed in the search. This is dynamic for each and every report
  • Unique plain English ‘Information for Buyers’ helps to reduce queries and complaints. This is dynamic for each and every report
  • Immediately informs you of the potential risks at the property, including Japanese Knotweed (residential only)
  • Every search is compiled by STL’s expert employed search clerks and QA’d by STL’s dedicated QA team

Download Residential Regulated Local Authority Search

Download Commercial Regulated Local Authority Search


4 July 2016 Law Society Changes
The Law Society revised its CON29 and CON29O forms on 4 July 2016. The aim of these changes was to improve the quality and consistency of information provided. STL's Regulated Local Authority Search was also amended to reflect these changes. 
4 July 2016 Changes to Regulated Local Authority Search


Council v Regulated Local Authority Search Comparison
The Local Authority Search Comparison Guide gives a simple comparison of these 2 searches:
Residential Local Authority Search Comparison

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