Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive - are you ready?

Posted: 29 June 2017

The European Union’s Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (EU4MLD) was implemented into UK law on 26 June 2017.


Updated legislation includes the Money Laundering Regulations, Policing and Crime Act and the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The directive includes fundamental changes to AML procedures at law firms, including changes to Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and a strong focus on Risk Assessments.

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What is changing?

Under EU3MLD and the current Money Laundering Regulations, firms could automatically apply simplified CDD under certain circumstances.

Under the new regulations, however, firms will be able to use these circumstances as a partial justification for simplified CDD only after conducting a documented risk assessment.

The regulations direct firms to develop risk-based policies, and practitioners to conduct Client risk assessments as a part of their CDD.  UK regulations already incorporate a risk-based approach, but the new directive goes considerably further requiring documented Client risk assessments.

The regulations are clear.  There is no longer an automatic exemption from undertaking Enhanced Due Diligence (rather than Simplified Due Diligence, which has often been undertaken by simply obtaining a copy of a Client’s Identity documents).

Firms will be required to demonstrate their documented Risk Assessment of Clients and evidence they have identified the Client and screened them against alert sources including Sanctions and Local politically-exposed persons (PEPs).

PEPs must also now be identified and will be subject to the same scrutiny as foreign PEPs.

For law firms this will also mean:

What can I do to prepare for EU4MLD?

            - perform and document an internal risk assessment

            - update policies to incorporate Client Risk Assessments, on-going due diligence, documentary evidence and compliance reporting, to reflect the directive

            - audit and test procedures

            - policies should be reviewed and approved by senior management

What is AML Search v4?
AML Search v4, automates the additional processes required for compliance, making the process as simple for a user, as carrying out an AML Search v2 search. AML Search v4 allows firms to confidently demonstrate their compliance, at any time, with law and regulations, dramatically reducing the time and cost of their regulatory compliance.

AML Search v4 Product Card

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