Launched Today: STL's improved Regulated Drainage & Water Search – now even better value for money!

Posted: 11 May 2017

Today we launch our improved Regulated Drainage & Water Search. And with no price increase, this product offers even better value for money!

Take a look at the specific changes in this annotated sample.

You may also want to register for our new webinar, Everything You Need to Know About Drainage and Water Searches. This is an in-depth look at water and drainage searches, the legislation behind them and future developments in water industry legislation.

The main improvements to this search are as follows:

Three questions have been removed and five questions have been added, including questions relating to pumping stations. This search will reflect all CON29DW questions. See below for detailed information about the question changes.

Summary for Conveyancers
A convenient ‘Summary for Conveyancers’ immediately identifies entries revealed in the search. This is dynamic for every report and will save you time when reviewing the search results.

The new map is a standard look and feel. This familiarity will also help to save you time when reviewing the search results.

Improved Design
We have also taken the opportunity to improve the overall look and feel of the report. The front cover is now a similar design to the Regulated Local Authority Search, enabling you to present a ‘suite’ of searches to your client. The body of the report has also been upgraded for a fresher look and feel.

And as a reminder STL’s Regulated Drainage & Water Search also offers:

- Standard format regardless of geographic area

- Fixed price regardless of geographic area

- ‘Information for Buyers’ section – a jargon free explanation of the search which helps to reduce the queries you may receive

- £2m Information Accuracy Indemnity plus £10m PI (including 6 years run off cover for any errors and omissions by the Water Company). This extensive cover offers complete peace of mind

If you have any questions regarding this new improved Regulated Drainage and Water Search please contact your Account Manager or email


Detailed Changes to Questions

The following questions have been added/amended to reflect the CON29DW new questions:

The following questions have been deleted as they have been removed from the CON29DW:


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